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Winter-proof your Home

Posted by Fojul Uddin on December 6, 2019
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If you’re the sun-seeking type then you may not want to admit that winter really is here. But it is. And the sooner you winterproof your home the better – before the horrendous winds and snowfall really hits in. Here’s what we always advice you should do to prepare your home in advance – in order to avoid any unexpected bills over the festive season and beyond:

Get your gutters cleaned

It’s round about now that your gutters and outside drain will start to get chock full of leaves. It’s important to clear them out to prevent them blocking and resulting in water falling down onto the brickwork. This could result in costly dampness problems.

Replace loose roof tiles

It’s in the winter with its strong gales and relentless rain that the roof can suffer. Roof tiles should also be intact; not only can a loose roof tile fall off and hit someone, but this too can lead to dampness problems if left untreated.

Prepare your pipes

One thing you really want to avoid over winter is a burst pipe. Leaky or cracked pipes can easily end up freezing and letting water flood your home. It’ll also mess with your heating system and, if it happens over a weekend or holiday period, then you’re looking at an emergency plumbing bill. Circumvent any burst pipes by lagging them with insulation or even towels, and setting the heating to come on daily for an hour or so – even if you happen to be going away for a few days.

Deter any draughts

If your front door has a gap that lets in cold air then either hang up a thick curtain in front of it or put down a draught excluder. Better still, if you can afford it, get in some property insulation. That means paying a company to come and do some cavity wall spraying or get lagging to put down on your loft floor.

Brave a boiler service

Yes, it may cost you £60 or so, but getting your boiler serviced around about now means you’ll never have to go cold indoors this winter. Unless you want to. You’ll be able to tell right away if somethings wrong by checking the boiler pressure. Make sure it’s not too high but sitting just around the one bar mark. If it’s more than 15 years old it’s seriously time to trade in your boiler for a more energy efficient version. According to one boiler engineer we spoke to a boiler this age is only 70 per cent efficient – meaning you lose 30p for every £1 spent on heating. 

Create a kit

Make sure you have a box in your kitchen which contains a torch, emergency lagging and a book which contains important numbers such as the boiler engineer, plumber, gas and electricity services, and a roof repairer. When something does go wrong, time is of the essence and which is why it literally pays to be prepared for any house emergency.

Get more winter tips, such as energy saving ideas, on our blog today. Or, if you’re a landlord and looking for a maintenance service, then call us today on 0333 577 0733.

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