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What to look for when buying a house

Posted by Fojul Uddin on February 10, 2017
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Buying a house is an exciting, fun experience that is too often weighed down by panic, second-guessing and lots and lots of questions. At iSell we make the buying process as easy as possible, so here’s some insight into what to look for when you’re ready to purchase.

Expensive fixes

Specifically damp and structural damage could have a massive impact on how much money you have to spend on the house in future. When viewing a property, make sure to check for flaky walls, damp smells, and walls and ceilings marked with water. Has a room recently been repainted? This could be a cheeky way of the seller covering up the damp.

Plumbing and Heating

Also think about plumbing – is the water pressure decent? Are the pipes insulated? Lead pipes will need to be replaced. Hairline cracks are par for the course with Victorian properties, anything larger than that will need to be assessed thoroughly. And on the outside – if you’re missing roof tiles and the gutters and downpipes show signs of leaking, it could be another job to add to the ‘fix’ list, and more money out of your wallet. Consider the cost of repairs and if you make an offer, take this into consideration!

Storage Space

This is not so much a ‘buyer beware’ as a ‘be clever’ option. Some houses will be bereft of anywhere to safely store towels, ironing boards, vacuum cleaners, and other household objects that get forgotten about when you’re choosing where to put a fridge, sofa and bed. Consider under stairs storage, garage space, or any nooks and crannies that hold a potential for storage.

Scope out the room size

Our top tip? Look at ceilings to get an idea of the true size of a room. You might have a slimmer sofa or smaller telly – but room size is everything in a property. Furniture could be a problem if your pieces are too big for the room, so you may have to chalk up the potential cost of new furniture into your moving bill.

Look at your location

So you may find a great property, but the where is also a huge factor in your decision making process. A lot of properties may be perfect and you’ll find yourself asking “where’s the catch?” – well, look at the area. Can you walk to the shops, or would you have to drive there? How busy and noisy are nearby roads? Local school location may also be a deal-breaker for buyers with children. It’s all about personal preference and you have to make sure you’ll be okay with the pros and cons of local amenities.

The best thing to do is to ask sellers or estate agents these questions – they are, after all, there to help you make your decision. The iSell team are on hand to help with every stage of the house-purchasing process. Call us today for a booking.

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