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Don’t You Think That A Tiny Backyard Can Be A Good Selling Point?

Posted by iSell Properties on July 18, 2016
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Don’t You Think That A Tiny Backyard Can Be A Good Selling Point? Well, You Might Be Wrong


Having a small backyard isn’t exactly as bad as most people think it is. When selling a home, you can still make your tiny backyard a good selling point if you highlight its assets well enough. In fact, there may be some people who would prefer to have a small backyard and a big house rather than a big lot with a small house. If you are wondering what you can make out of your backyard, here are some surefire tips that will turn your boring little backyard into a great hangout place:


  1.   Get a tiny but convenient outdoor seating furniture.


In beautifying smaller spaces, optical-illusion is usually your best friend. However, it’s not entirely about deceiving the eyes. The goal is to not sacrifice effectiveness as well. In highlighting the backyard, you’d want to put in a fairly small seating area but not too small that it becomes useless. It can be a bench and a table that perfectly fits one portion of the area. Leave some space open to give room for movements. In enhancing a backyard’s look, having a pretty seating area can pretty much do the job, of course, alongside tidying things up in there. It is hard to beautify things without cleaning them up first. So if  you want a good looking backyard, get yourself a fine outdoor furniture and clean the space up.


  1.   Do not over-occupy the backyard, open spaces are necessary.


Most sellers make the mistake of putting a lot of things in the property. It is easy to get carried away and put in multiple objects like a grill, a big group table, or perhaps a fire pit, and although each one of these items can add value to your home, having them altogether may not exactly do the job of attracting buyers. When talking about backyards, our goal is to open the buyers’ imaginations. Having lots of stuff in there will hinder them from picturing out what they want to happen to that space. Young couples are usually looking forward to having children who would play around in that backyard. Retirees may be looking forward to having grandchildren over as well. Bigger families may be expecting some grown up hangouts in that backyard too. If you want to target people’s imagination, put in some open space – to avoid making the place crowded, and to allow buyers to do what they want in the area.


  1.   Don’t make the mistake of underestimating the backyard, treat it the same as your front yard.


Home sellers understand that curb appeal is pretty much one of the most important things in home staging. However, most of the time, they focus on the front yard, the home structure, and the interiors. Many sellers fail to give importance to the other home parts such as the backyard. As minor as the backyard may seem, it can make or break a deal too. If you enhance it enough, it can attract more buyers than the other homes that focused so much on the interiors. Like the front yard, the backyard should also be freed from clutter, it’s gardens should also be freed from weed, and its trees should also be trimmed. As a whole, it is important to make each and every part of your home a selling point. Do not forego beautifying even the minor ones as this can make all the difference in your home selling. You don’t have to spend fortunes in doing this, sometimes decluttering and tidying it all up is also enough. What’s important is that you did not neglect touching them up.


  1.   Do not put a permanent ceiling/roof to cover your backyard.


Backyards also serve the purpose of giving homeowners a place to get some fresh air. While sometimes you want to stay outside but it’s too sunny or rainy, and you think that providing a roof for the backyard is necessary, keep in mind that putting a permanent roofing will only make the place less airy and darker. If you want, you can just put an umbrella table to give you shade from the sun. If you really want a solid shade, you can put one in a small portion of the backyard, just one side or corner, and make it sturdy and shady enough to protect you from getting wet when there is rain. Backyards are meant to be bright and airy, so if you want this part of the home to remain as refreshing as it is, you should not take away its light and ventilation.




Backyard, front yard, interiors – every part of the home is important once you have listed it up for sale. If you want to impress buyers, you should go all the way and make sure that each part of your home is prepared for home showing. Nonetheless, don’t be too carried away and make your home look like a giant Christmas tree. In designing a home, more doesn’t mean better. In fact, it isn’t about quantity, but more about quality. You can leave as much space as you want and still make the whole thing look appealing to many interested buyers. It basically depends on how you make the best out of what you have. With a little art and a lot of cleaning up, your place can look amazingly ready for purchase.

In making the backyard a major selling point, all you need is to make it pleasant to the eyes. To do so, you gotta see to it that the backyard is both functional and nice. Functional in a way that it can serve all the purpose that is expected from a backyard, like being a hangout place and being a run-around spot for kids. It should also be nice, in a way that it has an eye-catching furniture and a clean space. In general, it has to look nice enough for buyers to picture themselves staying in it and feel good about it. Backyards are but a small part of the house, but it can hold the buyers’ attentions if you prepare it well enough. – iSellProperties


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