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Sell With An X-Factor! How To Wow Potential Buyers

Posted by iSell Properties on October 3, 2016
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To successfully sell a home, you should be trying to wow potential buyers. There are homes that would give buyers the “this is the one” feeling and there are homes that looks good but not exactly convincing. In trying to lure people into buying your property, you should show them your home in its very best form. You can have an indoor pool, a wide garage, and a two story floor, but it still cannot assure you of having a wow factor. What you should have is the overall package. You don’t need magic or millions of cash to achieve this, you just need to strategise.


Here are some tips:


  1. Make the home squeaky clean.


When you say squeaky clean, it means that the home must be cleaned from roots to tips, without missing a single corner. Cleaning up doesn’t need thousands of cash, it just needs your energy. You can pay someone to do it too and it still won’t cost you as much as it would gain you. A clean home is a pleasure to the eyes, whether the property is new or not. It is also easy to decorate both for you as a seller who wants to stage the home, and for the buyers who want to buy it from scratch and do the decorating themselves.


  1. Decorate as if the house is a luxurious hotel.


You don’t have to shell out thousands of cash, just be creative and sensitive when you decorate. If there is anything that looks unpleasant, get rid of it. If you find things that looks off, rearrange it. The point is, you should be a perfectionist so that people will look at your home and say “this is it!”


  1. Be a perfectionist, don’t show your home if there are things that need fixing.


Broken tiles, broken cabinets, moldy bathrooms, etc.- all these can be left as they are but if you can, fix them all! There is nothing better than to hear the word ‘perfect!’ coming from a potential buyer’s mouth. You don’t have to add more things to your home, you just have to make the best out of what you have. You won’t attract any good buyers if your home needs a lot of repairs. If your home is prepared for the home showing, people won’t find anything wrong with it, leading you to a quicker sale.


  1. Include one key selling point.


On top of all those tips, adding one key selling point will make your home showing a closed deal. It can be a big flat screen TV or a new refrigerator. It can be a new sofa, new lighting, or a new dining set too. It doesn’t matter what it is, if you add a good key selling point inside your house, it will help your chances at getting your property sold quicker.

If you follow these top tips, you can be sure to wow potential buyers and attract more, better offers.


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