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Using Quality Photos and Videos for House Sale

Posted by iSell Properties on December 4, 2015
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Quality photos and videos essential when selling your house

Quality photos and videos are so essential when selling your house. With the rise on online property portal such as Rightmove and Zoopla, looking at properties has almost become internet shopping. When a potential purchaser is looking at products or services online, they are buying with their eyes – you need to give them something to look at!

The world of property sales has moved on from solely curb appeal – selling property online is now all about the ‘pix appeal’!

Taking property photos and videos yourself

If you have chosen our DIY package, you will need to provide the photos and videos. Maybe you know someone who is handy with a camera, then great. If not you don’t need a £1000 camera to take decent photographs; you just need to know how to use the one you’ve got.

  • Use a tripod – we’re not all blessed with steady hands, make the most of available equipment. A tripod (or a stack of books in the right position) can really help to get that perfect shot of your room. A lot of tripods have spirit levels in them, which can turn that good shot into a great photograph.
  • Think about lighting – natural light is preferable, but let’s face it – we’re not all selling at the ‘perfect light’ time of the year. If it’s too bright outside, consider shutting the curtains to help with the light (unless you are counting on an amazing view to sell your property!). If it is too dark, then think about small lamps and your main room lighting to really bring out the great spaces in your home.
  • Stage the rooms – nothing says ‘dining room’ more than a well laid table with plates, cutlery and a center piece that matches the feel of your property. For a country cottage, go for country flowers. For a modern flat, maybe something more sculptural will look great. The most important thing to consider is to make sure potential purchasers can see what the room can be used for. Don’t leave them guessing what the purpose of a room is!
  • Take exterior shots in the morning – grab a coffee and get that morning shot. Morning light is well known for being the best for quality photographs. There will also be less people around if you are in a busy area. Think about what an exterior shot shows – it’s not just your house in the photo! Is it bin day? Did you have a lot to drink the night before and have a lot of bottles outside of your home? These are not going to help you to sell your home not matter how amazing your photos are!

Professional photographs and videos

If you have chosen our ‘Helping Hands’ or ‘The Works’ packages, then you can (almost) relax. Our Northampton based professional photographers will come and take great shots and videos for you. While they will advise on staging, it can take a while so it’s a great idea to work on this aspect before they come ‘round. Take your time and really consider what potential purchasers are looking for.

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