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Top 5 Tips When Choosing an Online Property Agent

Posted by iSell Properties on September 19, 2015
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Top 5 tips when choosing an online property agent

Selling property online is a fairly new concept, but it doesn’t mean that you need a completely different mindset! Here are our top five tips for how to choose a great agent when you are looking to sell property online.

Packages on offer

When you sell property online, you may well be offered several options. In general, these will include a DIY package where the agent will list your property on the property portals and then leave to do the rest. A helping hands package may include aspects such as putting together a property pack with photos and floor plans and providing you with a For Sale board. Some agents may also provide a very similar package to the ones you may find on the high street; these may include conducting the viewings and giving feedback on them. It is a good idea to have a look at the packages available from the different online agents and then deciding which one you would like to go for, then shop for the best deal for that package when selling your property online.

Photos and floor plans

This is an area that you really need to research the difference between the agents as to the quality and quantity that they will provide. Some online agents may require you to upload the photos and measure for the floor plan. If these are things you are happy with and strengths that you have, go for it. If not, then have a look at other agents who can assist you to sell your property online.

Viewings – who will arrange and conduct

One of the main benefits of selling your property online is the huge amount of money you have the potential to save. You do, however, need to consider really just how much of the work you are prepared to do. You can save by conducting the viewings yourself, but do think about how impartially you can go about this and how you may feel if faced with some very negative comments about your property. You will also need to consider how you may feel about giving strangers a complete tour of your home. Many online agents can include arranging and conducting viewings as part of your package.

For Sale Board

We think For Sale boards are really important – even when you are selling your property online. We’ve seen four personality descriptions for people who love For Sale board that we would like to share:

·      Drive-buyers – people who want to check out the properties available without making any contact yet.

·      Relocators – people who don’t know the area at all and are there to explore.

·      Sneaky-peekers – buyers who want to have a quick look at the outside of the house and the area it’s in before they book a viewing.

·      Early-birdies – people who want to have a quick look at the property before the agent arrives.

We think For Sale boards are important even when you are selling your property online!

Listed on property portals

The final item you really need to think about when comparing agents when looking to sell your property online is to find out which property portals they will list your property on and whether they pay for premium listings.

There are many more things to consider when selling your property online, this is just a start. Get in touch to discuss what you are looking for!

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