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What you Need to Know About Living in North West London

Posted by Fojul Uddin on January 18, 2019
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Property in North West London covers such sought-after and well-to-do areas as Hampstead, Belsize Park, Primrose Hill and St John’s Wood as well as the more ‘accessible’ locations in which to buy or rent property such as Camden, Wilesden Green and Barnet. The latter is the largest borough in the whole of London, with a reported population of 379,671 back in 2015 according to the government’s Office of National Statistics.

Ask any North West London Estate Agent and they will point to a host of new property developments – even within the past two years or so. These include the 24 new build flats at a gated new development in Northwood.

Population and economic statistics

North East London home buyers may be interested to learn that in 2017 the area had more than 625,000 residents with an average age of around 36 (18.2 per cent of the population were aged 30-39). The next biggest age group was 20-29 (16.4 per cent) and 13.7 per cent of the population were aged 40-49. Not surprisingly, considering the number of families who also live here, the next highest age category was that for 0-9 years (13.5 per cent). When the last census was carried out back in 2011 there were 2.49 registered residents per household.

North West London first time buyers heading to Brent

One of the more affordable areas for those buying their first home, Brent will also benefit from the fast rail link Crossrail. Aiming at improving commuter speeds into Central London so promising is the future that another 500 new homes are planned for Brent. Colindale is another promising area for first time buyers, particularly in light of the regeneration going on in the area. Former London Mayor Boris Johnson even pinpointed it in his ambitious 2020 Vision for the capital.

Renting in North West London

So expensive is property to buy in many areas of North West London, that many thousands of young professionals and individuals understandably opt to rent instead. There is also the fact that many don’t intend to necessarily make these areas their long-term home, but they’re close to work and which is the desired intention at that time of their lives.

Serviced apartments tend to be more common in parts of North West London than other areas, particularly by Millenials (who enjoy the communal living, as well as the more affordable, aspect). And most North West London letting agents would agree. A Guardian newspaper report last year showed there were more than 50,000 types of this form of serviced rental being built in the UK in 2017. The majority of these were in the capital. Latest developments in this sphere include Wembley Park in Brent where residents are a mere 15 minutes from the centre of London. The biggest Build to Rent type venture currently in the UK, when complete it will have resulted in 7,000 new homes

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, couple or family and interested in a North West London property then do get in touch with the team here at iSell. We’re a very friendly bunch and always keen to help potential buyers or tenants. Simply pick up the phone and call us on 0333 577 0733 or get in touch via our website at

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