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Living In A Small Studio Type Apartment | Not a Pleasant Idea

Posted by iSell Properties on September 6, 2016
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Living in a small studio type apartment may not seem a very pleasant idea to many people.

However, most of the time, they just fail to design the home accordingly. In general, it doesn’t matter what your property’s size is, what matters is how you decorate and maintain it.


Olga Alexeeva, a thirty three year old interior designer, knows how critical small spaces are more than anyone else. Nevertheless, Alexeeva says that she is used to it, as she has turned one 275 square foot flat into a sleek and elegant pad that doesn’t look tiny at all.


Alexeeva bought a flat at a top floor in 2014 and she turned the tiny looking flat into the amazingly wide pad that it is now. According to a blog post, Alexeeva’s home has a big bathroom, large porcelain tiles, and mirrored cabinets.


The 33 year old designer has these tips in designing a smaller pad:


  1. A small flat should not be deprived of luxury. Design it like a five star hotel if you can. Since you don’t have the large space to boast about, you need to focus on your fixtures, furniture, and lighting.


  1. Use great flooring. Small flats’ floors get more traffic than those of bigger homes, so if possible, use good quality materials for floors.


  1. Go for higher quality and more expensive materials in building or decorating your flat. Keep in mind that since you’re probably gonna live in your home for a long time, going for low quality goods will only lead you to do constant renovations. Thus, spending the same amount of cash while doubling the labor done.


  1. Use slim cupboards and pocket doors.


  1. Be a perfectionist. If something seems to be out of place or looks unpleasant, do something about it. Don’t hesitate in replacing things, getting rid of objects, or rearranging anything.


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