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How to Keep your Energy Bills Low this Winter

Posted by Fojul Uddin on November 22, 2019
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Now that the clocks have moved forward and we’re officially into winter, you can bet your heating is about to take a hammering. Or is it? There are lots of ways you can keep warm this winter without turning up the dial on your central heating. And here’s some of them right here:

Inexpensive ways to keep heating bills low

Take shorter showers – Hot showers use up quite a bit of energy. If you shower every morning then you could actually save a large sum of money over the period of a month by halving the time you take.

Buy a big rug – If you have wooden floorboards in your home then putting down a rug can help keep in draughts from the holes between planks.

Get a letterbox brush – Again, this is a good way of preventing heat escaping through the letterbox. A keyhole cover has the same effect.

Reduce your heating – Cutting your heating down by just one degree could reduce your utility bill by around 10 per cent. At the same time installing a thermostat and timer can result in your saving a further £75 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust. That’s because you’re keeping the heat consistent and only heating the rooms you need to.

Bleed the radiators regularly – Blocked radiators don’t let as much heat out so you may be paying for it, but not getting the benefit.

Move your furniture – Make sure the sofa or other large items of furniture aren’t blocking the heat from escaping from your radiator. By the same token, don’t leave books etc lying on top of a radiator.

Use LED bulbs – They’re coming down in price all the time and last much longer than other bulbs and they’re also environmentally friendly. LED bulbs are a no brainer these days. Change all your bulbs to LED and you’ll save £35 a year on your electricity bill says the Energy Saving Trust.

Use fans to circulate heat – To prevent the hot air hanging around the ceiling area, use fans directed upwards to bring it back down again to where you’re sitting!

Consider switching your utility provider – Yes, it sounds like a hassle to find a cheaper provider but it’s not – thanks to price comparison sites. And you really can save a lot of money by finding a better deal. 


Expensive improvements to lower bills

Fit double glazing – If you own your own home and can afford to take out a loan then you can’t beat double glazing for keeping the heat in. Gaps in window and door frames are classic ways of losing heat in homes.

Get insulation – If you haven’t already, then insulating your home by pumping foam between the cavity walls and/or laying insulation flooring in the attic, can save hundreds of pounds every year. Cheaper insulation involves lagging your heating pipes and getting a jacket for the boiler. Look out for government grant schemes.

Of course, another way you could save money is to move to a much more energy efficient property in the first place. Here at iSell we have lots on offer. Why not take a look at what’s available today?

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