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How To Increase Home Value For Home Selling

Posted by iSell Properties on June 24, 2016
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Preparing for home showing is probably one of the most important part of home selling. It may seem like a simple part that can always be neglected, but it can actually make or break your home selling success. Home staging is the one crucial step that you can take that will help your property sell faster and it is also the one step that can help add value to your home. Take note that the more appealing your property looks, the more likely you are able to increase its home price. The more you make the home attractive, the more likely your property will get chased by potential buyers, thus, allowing you to add more thousands to the home price.


Here are some simple, yet effective ways to make your home look more attractive:

  1.   Rearrange, de-clutter, and re-design.

Often times, all you need to do to make a home look prettier is to tidy it up and bring light to the area. Most of the time, the reason why homes look gloomy and dull is because of the accumulated personal stuff and old furniture. If you re arrange and consider new designs, you can bring beauty to your home’s interior. The key here is more SPACE. People need to envision themselves living in your home, and this is something that most home viewers find difficult. Make it easier for them by de-personalizing and providing sufficient spaces. This way, people can imagine what they can add to the areas to give it a more personal touch.

Even so, try to stay away from making the home look a little more like a regular hotel. In fact, avoid making the home look too fancy as this may lead people to feeling like they are in a hotel, a place where you stay on a temporary time being. The goal here is to make people feel ‘at home’. Viewers should be able to envision themselves walking through your home, cooking in your kitchen, and killing time in your living room couch. Nevertheless, don’t make the home look a little too basic. Touch it up with some personality. Give people a starting point in imagining what they can do to your home.


  1.   Re-painting shouldn’t be optional.

To achieve a brighter and fresher interior, doing some repainting is necessary. Sure, you can also get by with scrubbing and cleaning, or even adding a new wallpaper, but it’s undeniable how much more attractive your home would look if fresh paint is added. This doesn’t only brightens up the place, this also brings in an impression that your house is new. Give your home a new look by redoing the paint. It may cost you some cash, but it is very well worth it!


  1.   Remove big furniture.


Having gigantic pieces of furniture only makes your place look a little smaller than it actually is. This is okay if you are living in that home, but if you are selling it, it won’t be as impressive as a house with smaller furniture. The target here is to attract the potential buyers. Sure, smaller furniture won’t do their jobs as efficiently as the bigger ones, but the only goal we have here is to impress the buyers and not to actually make use of these furniture. To do this, we need sufficient spaces and brighter light. The only way to achieve this is to take out the big sofas, table, and shelves, and leave the smaller pieces instead. You can purchase new ones, or simply make the best of what you already have.

  1.   Fix them all.

If there are any broken parts, fix them up. There should be a number of things that needs minor repair such as cracked tiles, holes, and maybe broken knobs. Fixing them shouldn’t cost you a lot compared to a complete renovation. As you market your home, you wouldn’t want your potential buyers to feel like they still need to fix some things up if they buy your house, which would definitely hold them back from buying from you. Most buyers want to transfer without having to fix or change big things. Furthermore, you may also need to clean everything up up to the point that they sparkle. Do some scrubbing, brushing and waxing. Remove odors, clear off molds from tiles, and take out some fresh mats, towels, and flowers.


  1.   Beautify the kitchen.


We can spend whole day talking about how valuable the kitchen is when marketing a home, but it is the one fact that most households already know. So if there is one more part that you need to improve aside from your living area, then that would be the kitchen. Try fixing the kitchen cabinets. Installing new cabinets may be costly, so if you’re not willing to drop so much cash, just fix the hinges if they’re broken and coat them with new paint. But if there is one cost that may be well worth it when it comes to kitchen improvements, that would be getting new kitchen surfaces. It is expensive, but it could add a big value to your home. Furthermore, check the plumbing fixtures if they work properly and maybe change the dirty and old kitchen parts for the sake of beauty and home value.

There are many ways to increase home value. If you are willing to spend, there’ll be more options, and most of the time, it’s worth it. If you are not willing to shell out more money for staging, you can still get by. And if you are creative and resourceful enough, you can get the most value from little expenses and little effort. When staging a home, it’s usually all about creativity. There are certain changes and improvements that cost a lot but do not exactly affect the home’s value, and there are small alterations and additions that are less costly but can do so much when it comes to increasing the market value of the property. So the best thing to do is to go for the least costly but gives the most added value to your property. If you have extra cash, don’t hesitate to invest on effective improvements. It won’t only add value to your home, it can also speed up the selling process by attracting more buyers. iSellproperties



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