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Take Good Care of Ignored Maintenance Issues Before Listing your Home

Posted by iSell Properties on June 22, 2016
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While there are maintenance tasks that are more important than the others, there are also things that gets out of our sight but also needs to get immediate fixing. These things are typically easy to forget and gets drowned in all the other maintenance tasks that are too obvious to miss. However, as easily forgotten as some of these things can be, these problems can also grow over time and may end up causing you so much expenses in the future.


Here we have come up with a list of things that most home sellers forget to fix before putting their properties up for sale. Add these things on your list so you do not end up losing clients just because you did not focus on the details.

  1.   The pests’ access points

Insects and pests won’t hesitate to enter your house if they have access to it. This means that infestations can happen at a blink of an eye. Pests are different from pets. You cannot tame or control them easily. So if possible, make sure that the foundation of your home is maintained and all possible pest entrance are sealed off. The best place to secure are the windows and doors, alongside the corners and edges of the walls. Make sure that you patch up every area that starts to come loose.


  1.    Roof shingles


Cleaning your roof shingles shouldn’t only be done as you decide to sell your home. This should be done on a regular basis from the time you owned your home. This is one of the things that if neglected, can turn into thousand pounds worth of problem. Expensive renovations are never part of the plan, which is why we should never underestimate the pain that can be brought by roof shingles being munched by algae. The roof is one of the most taken for granted parts of the house but it can actually mess up your home selling success if one potential buyer happens to notice how unmaintained your roof is.


  1.   Yard grading


Erosion, flooding, and melted snow can be a big problem when a yard grades towards your structure. This may not be too obvious when everything is clear and dry when you show your home, but there will always be potential buyers who are observant enough to spot the red flags in each home. If you don’t want to get low price offers, you should do something about this. Buyers nowadays are already being very careful with the house they buy, it is almost certain that they’d ask how the water should flow in the event of rain or melting snow.


  1.   House smell


You might have lived in your home for a while that you got used to what your house smells like. Whether the smell is good, bad, or neutral, you need to figure this out so you don’t scare your clients away if they didn’t like what they smell. Any foul odor can literally stop any home viewer from entering your home. So whether it is caused by food, pet, or anything that you have in your home, it is important to start deodorizing them. Commercial deodorizer can mask these odors, but it is still best to simply get rid of what causes the smell. By ‘get rid’ we do not mean to dispose the animals or to stop cooking food, what was meant by getting rid is to always clean up and avoid odor causing germs to live in your home.


  1.   Windows and doors


When you come into a house, most of the time, you put in the most focus on the flooring, furniture, and design. We usually forget about the windows and doors. Well, we just look at them and see that they are in fact, windows and doors. What we fail to check is if they work properly, if the hinges are still intact, and if the material is still undamaged. It is possible that pests have munched on your wooden window, it is also possible that the door no longer slides on the floor smoothly, causing sliding marks on the floor. Before you show your house to potential buyers, make sure that you checked on these things and do the necessary fixings.  These very little things can cause you so much trouble if not taken care of immediately. You can lose clients and you can also end up having to reduce your selling price.

If you are a home seller, it is almost like there is no room for error. You’d want to take every single step that will lead you to closing a deal and you’d want to avoid every single thing that would scare the buyers away. Taking care of all the maintenance issues is one of the most important things to do if you want to find a good home buyer in no time. You can also get away with not fixing them but you might end up with a not so good deal as buyers tend to haggle on the price when they see something that looks like they need fixing. You cannot blame them on this, as they would really have to take care of these maintenance issues when they move in. What you are trying to avoid is to give away too much discount. So if possible, take care of all of these maintenance problems, from the more obvious ones, to the less visible ones, so you do not have to negotiate over them.


One more important thing, if you think you cannot take care of all these minor issues in time, it’s better to get the help of an estate agent. This way someone would talk to the clients in a way that your house won’t be sold in a very low price. Estate agents are used to negotiating prices and they know how to get the most out of every transaction. More often than not, agents are very useful not just to home sellers, but also to home buyers. –iSellProperties


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