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Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Contractor For Your Home Renovation

Posted by iSell Properties on July 5, 2016
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Deciding to go for a home renovation is a big decision.

Furthermore, hiring a contractor for the job is an even bigger decision. Most of the time, it is a good idea to take some time to think about it before you decide. Maybe you don’t really need one, right? But if after some thought you still end up deciding to hire a contractor, you’d know that you have made a well thought off decision. Before you take any further step, here are some questions that you should ask yourself:


How much work can you take on?


Most of the time, people have specific renovations in mind, although there are also times when they just want to renovate the home in general. In case you already know what you want ‘made over’ and improved, you might as well know how much of the whole job you can take on. There are tasks that are easy enough for you to work on and there’ll be tasks that are too complicated for you and are better off given to the expert. The reason why you should assess the tasks first is for you to be able to save some cash. Take note that the lesser work you outsource, the lesser money you’d have to shell out. However, this is only a smart step if you are able to take a significant amount of tasks. If what you can contribute to the labor is just little, you might as well turn that over as well to the contractor.


How skilled are you in doing these tasks?


Sure you have the enthusiasm and energy to do some of the job. Besides, it’s for saving some cash right? But before you pick up that toolbox, ask yourself, how skilled are you at these exactly? If you think that you are not so bad at these things, maybe you can give it a go. But if you believe that all you have is the eagerness and interest to take on some tasks, maybe it’s better if you let the ‘experienced’ folk do the job. We can’t risk time and energy here. Cost is also at risk if the same task is done twice simply because the first try was a failure.


What’s your budget?


There are two costs that you need to consider here, the cost for the materials, and the cost for the contractor. If there are lots of things that you want to get done, you may no longer have enough budget to pay for a contractor. However, most of the time, getting a contractor is worth the price, so it’s actually better to prepare a budget both for the contractor, and for the costs that comes with your renovations.


Do you have a set time frame?


Before you start, ask yourself whether you are in a hurry to finish the renovation or not. If you want everything to get done within a short period of time, then maybe hiring a contractor is a good idea – that is if you aren’t that skilled of a worker who takes things one step at a time when working on home renovations. If you aren’t in a hurry, then it’s smart to work on some things so as to save some labor cash.


After all of the assessments that you have gone through, if you decide that you really need to hire one, you can’t just go for the first contractor you hear about. Any paid service requires loads of re-evaluation to make sure that you don’t end up with low quality kind of service. To help you in hiring a contractor, here are some tips:


Call them all up.

Once you find a few contractors that are located on or near your area, it is important to call them first so you can have a short initial transaction. Although physical meetups has its own perks, calling contractors up is surely a time saver. During each call, you can ask for a quote so you can negotiate, and you can also ask if they are capable of doing what you want to get done. If within the phone call you think that they are a bit questionable, you can say hold saying ‘yes’ while figuring things out. After a few phone calls, you’d know who are the ones worthy to be shortlisted and eventually you can find the one who is perfect for the job.

Meet them personally.

After you screen the contractors, it is also important to meet with them in person. This way, you can have a more professional business talk with them where you can discuss the job in a more detailed perspective. Without a personal meetup, you are at risk of hiring someone who wouldn’t be that good come working time. Some people are good at sales talks but lack competence performance-wise. Well, you can’t really determine their capacity to do the specific tasks you have in mind until the actual day of work, however, talking to contractors personally allows you to better compare them and decide on a final candidate.

Check out the reviews.

Check online or ask the people who recommended them. The best way to know how good or how bad a contractor is without having them start work with you is through their past clients’ testimonials. If they offer you low rates, you gotta find out why. If they seem to give you a hard time in negotiating price, they might have a reason why as well. Answers to these questions are easily achieved through customer reviews.

Have a project budget breakdown.

As you speak with different contractors, it is also rather important to have them give you a breakdown of budget that would include the material cost and their labor rate. If they are too held back to give you an actual breakdown, a quote will do as well. The goal here is to compare the quotes so you’d know which contractors can give you a budget effective project that will work well with your needs.

As a whole, hiring a contractor for your home renovation has its own advantages. While there are lots of possible contractors to choose from, it is also important to weigh things up first before you agree to anyone. You cannot risk wasting time and money, because both are extremely important, so before you say yes to someone, make sure that you have assessed everything enough and are making the right decision.


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