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How to Boost Your Chances At Home Selling

Posted by iSell Properties on June 16, 2016
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Boost Your Chances At Home Selling! Don’t Forget The Garden And Landscapes!

When selling your home, there are more than a hundred possible ways to boost your home’s appeal, and one of which is through gardens and landscapes. Not everyone is interested in gardens and plants, but if there is one thing that is for sure when it comes to home landscapes, it is that they are always pleasant to the eyes, regardless of whether you are a ‘green’ enthusiast or not. There is just something about gardens that is so refreshing, and it’s probably the fresh air that it brings to the area.


Bringing greens to your front yard allows your home to feel fresh even if you are situated at the center of an urban community. If you don’t have a garden in your home, starting one may demand a lot of time on top of the expenses, but it sure is worth it, especially if you’re looking to sell your property really quickly. You don’t have to hire an expert for this especially if you simply want to increase your home’s appeal to help sell it the soonest time possible. You can’t afford any more expenses if your goal is to earn money in selling. The target here is to get the best deal at the soonest time possible. And to do so, you’re gonna have to improve your home’s look every simple way you can. You’d want improvements that aren’t too expensive so you won’t end up losing profit. When talking about gardening and landscapes, here are some inexpensive steps that you can take to create a beautiful garden of your own:



Whatever your personality is, there is no way you’re not gonna fall for flowers. Well, allergic people may beg to disagree, but in general, flowers are one of the best additions you can put in your front yard. It’s not only pleasant to the eyes, it’s also pretty easy to set up. If you have an eye for art, patterns won’t be a problem. The good thing about flowers is that almost any flower will do. All you need is an array of colors that will make your property stand out among many. If you are a new home owner, you can go ahead and start your flower garden, so that when home selling time comes, your garden is in full bloom. Yes, seasons matter too, so that is something that should also be taken into consideration. If you want to use your garden as a key selling feature, sell your home at the right season when the flowers are blooming.


If you don’t have a garden when you decide to sell your home, you can start a quick one. It won’t be as pretty as an aged flower garden, but you can create something worth looking too. You can buy full grown flowers, or you can plant new ones as well. It’s always better to be a few months ahead so as to give time for flowers to bloom, and to not spend too much on fully bloomed flowers. For the kinds of flowers, do consider their sunlight needs and the seasons when they bloom. There are different kinds of flowers with different needs. So depending on the time of the year, your budget, and preference, there are a variety of flowers and seeds to choose from.


  1. VINES

Vines add a certain accent to every home garden. If you want your garden to look extra colorful, flowers and greens aren’t enough, you also need to add some vines. If you like to add a burst of orange to your garden, Trumpet vine is your best choice. It is also available in yellow and red. Trumpet vine grows fast and easily attracts hummingbirds. This vine can certainly make dry spots look more colorful than ever. However, this type of vine is an aggressive grower, so you may need to attend to it constantly, or plant it on something that can contain it. Another vine type that you may be interested in is the one called False Hydrangea. As what the name suggests, this plant looks like the climbing hydrangea. However, it has bigger flowers with large bracts that make it look like it has big petals. There are also varieties of the False Hydrangea that has pink bracts.


There are actually quite a lot of vines to choose from, and most of them grow fast enough to make your garden look furnished in no time. It’s not that difficult to start a vine garden, and it sure is all worth the time and energy, especially if you want a garden to be your key selling point. Combined with flowers and greens, your garden vines are sure to make your home’s front yard a head turner.



Garden landscaping is a general term used to refer to outdoor beautification using plants. However, when we say landscaping, we also think about greens and trimmed shrubs, and how we can create something that looks naturally refreshing to the eyes. To create great landscapes, you can omit the colors and focus on the earthly colors – green and brown. You can also use minimal flowers to add a good accent to your green garden. However, any successful landscape requires constant attention. Don’t let your shrubs grow untrimmed, and don’t let the weeds overtake your garden. The good thing about garden landscapes is that it can be incorporated with your driveway and with your outdoor seating area. If you’re not a fan of flowery gardens or thick vines, you can just go for landscapes. You can create it your way, or you can get the service of a landscape architect.


Having a beautiful landscape gives you higher chances of having your home sold. Not only that, this also adds market value to your home. Meaning, you can price your home higher, and you can have it sold in no time. Sure, you’re gonna have to spend on the plants and landscape artist, but more often than not, it’s all worth it.


Just by adding a garden or a beautiful landscape outside your house, you can make home selling an easy task. Well, you still have to make sure that the whole property in general is in a good condition. The perfect landscape won’t help your case if the property is in a bad shape. But as a whole, landscapes and flower gardens are a good addition to any home whether you want to sell it or not. Consult your agent for more advice about home selling and adding value to your property. iSellProperties

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