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Home Beautification: The Best Indoors And Outdoors Home Plants

Posted by iSell Properties on July 1, 2016
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If you want to sell your home as quickly as possible, you have to compete with other sellers.

Although competitions are usually stiff, you can up your game by focusing on the things that other owners tend to neglect – the extras. While other sellers put in so much attention on marketing their property’s overall value, you should try to get natural attraction through your home’s beauty. Although, you should also keep in mind that this kind of value cannot hold a buyer’s attention long enough. This is just a good way to capture people’s attention so you can market your home as a whole. One good way to beautify a home is through home plants, both indoors and outdoors.

Home plants aren’t only good for beautification, it also gives your home a dash of fresh air. However, keep in mind that this can only impact your home’s external appeal, and may not be able to help you so much if your home is in a bad shape. If your home is reasonably priced for its current condition, this is when you can beautify your home a bit to attract potential buyers. While there are a number of other ways to beautify your home like paint change and furniture rearrangement, adding plants is one of the more unique and interesting ways to get people’s attention.

Here’s a list of home plants that you can get to add more appeal to your home:

  1. English Ivy



If you want to have a plant that isn’t only for decorations but also for fresher air, English Ivy is the top choice. According to a source, the English Ivy is listed by NASA as the best air filtering plant that you can put in your home. Also, it isn’t a pain to maintain as it grows very easily and is typically adaptive to the environment. You can use it as a hanging plant or just put it in the floor. It isn’t difficult to keep as well, it just needs moderate sunlight and moderate temperature.


  1. Snake Plant



This home plant is a good indoor plant as it looks quite decorative and is a good source of indoor fresh air too. They are best put in the corners of your home to avoid having a dull looking interior.


Here’s a good trivia about the Snake plant: this plant is said to be more hardworking at night. Most plants absorb carbon dioxide at day time while the Snake Plant is said to do its job at night. So it is suggested to be placed in your bedroom so you’ll get clean air while you sleep. This shall make your sleep even sounder.


  1. Bamboo Palm



Another pretty plant to put indoors is the bamboo palm. It is also listed by NASA as one of the top clean air producing plants. In fact, it is also said that the bamboo palm is great at clearing out benzene and trichloroethylene in the air. It looks good inside the home, you just have to water it regularly to make sure that it stays healthy and be able to serve its purpose as a decoration and as an air purifying plant.


  1. Spider Plant



The Spider plant may be very common to many households, but it shouldn’t be underestimated just because it is something you see all the time. Spider plants aren’t only decorative, they are also easy to maintain. Not to mention that they are also one of the best air purifying home plants. It purifies your home from common pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, and xylene, among many others.


  1. Norfolk Island Pine



The Norfolk Island Pine is one of the more sophisticated indoor plants that many homeowners have. It is bigger than the typical decorative plant and it can make your living room look extra fancy. It is perfect for holiday seasons as it resembles the christmas tree, but during other seasons, the Norfolk Island Pine is a perfect addition to your home if you want it to feel cozy and nature-like. Here’s one tip though, this plant needs sufficient light and constant

humidity. Dry environment and low light can cause its leaves to dry out and fall off. Naturally, this plant can grow as tall as 200 feet, but that can only be expected  if it is in its natural habitat. Indoors, this plant usually don’t grow taller than ten feet.


Adding indoor or outdoor plants to your home does not necessarily add any monetary value to your house, but it does attract more people, thus giving you higher chances of getting your property sold once you decide to sell.

This step is one of the less difficult ways to improve your home’s appeal. In fact, adding house plants is probably the easiest way to beautify your home. Unlike the usual redecoration of home, adding plants allows you to improve your home with minimal effort. Keep in mind though, that adding plants to your home can only help so much in improving your home’s appeal. If you fail to de-clutter, clean up, or repair the broken parts, you may still not be able to improve your home’s look. To reach full (inexpensive) home makeover, remove all clutters and repair the broken stuff. Clean up and try to find if there are certain things that need to be replaced. Your walls may need new wallpaper, or they may just need heavy scrubbing. Consider these factors on top of your plant plans, that is, if you want to beautify your home the best way you could without spending lots of cash on new items.

If you decide to have plants from day one, however, be prepared to constantly attend to them. Plants have lives too and if they do not get proper care, they might dry out and die. Each plant has needs different from the others. While most indoor plants can last with minimal sunlight, there are plants that need to be positioned near sun ray. Ask these details when you buy your plants. Overall, using plants for home decor is just one way to boost your home’s appeal. Browse through our site to get more tips on home selling and home design.


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