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What to ask your Estate Agent before you Buy a property

Posted by Fojul Uddin on November 8, 2019
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Thinking of buying a property in the near future? Congratulations! There’s quite a bit to think about though and to make it easier for you we’ve drawn up a checklist of questions to get answers to. So, when you find your dream property find out the following from your estate agent:

What exactly is included?

Are the sellers taking the garden gazebo with them or leaving it for you? What about the appliances? And even the curtains? It’s not unknown for some sellers to take the light bulbs with them when they move out…

Do we know why they’re selling?

This is important to know because if they’re having to move for a job or some other immediate lifestyle change then they may be prepared to settle for a lower price. Same if they’ve just bought somewhere themselves; they’ll want a quick sale.

How long has the property been on the market?

Another question which, depending on the answer, could lead to you negotiating a lower price. If it’s been on for a while – up to a year – then you can bet the seller isprobably prepared to take a lower offer.

If there’s no driveway, is there onstreet parking?

Even if the answer is yes, make sure you visit the property during the day and at night to check there will be a space for your vehicle.

What are the neighbours like?

The last thing you want is to move in to your dream home and find you have the neighbours from hell. The sellers are legally obliged to let you know if they’ve filed any complaints against them with the police or the council’s ASBO team.

Have there been any offers already?

Your estate agent should know if there has been any historic offers and it’ll give you an indication of whether or not the sellers are holding out for a high price. If there are other recent bids then you’ll know your own offers has to be competitive.

What’s the local area like?

Is there nice local cafes and shops or can you expect to see tumbleweed blowing down the local high street? Do the schools have a good reputation (you can always look up Ofsted records), do neds congregate in the nearby swing park at all hours? Is there a lot of break-ins (again you can check this yourself with police records)? A little research goes a long way as far as your future happiness at home is concerned.

Is the property south or north facing?

Regardless of how much they love the house some buyers simply won’t move in to a property that doesn’t have a south-facing garden. That’s how important the sun and good natural light is to them. Maybe you’re the same?

How much are the bills?

If it’s an apartment you’re moving in to then find out if there’s management fees and how much. Sometimes these can be unexpectedly high. What Council Tax band is the property in? What are the water rates like? These costs will all be in addition to your mortgage payments so it’s good to know them all upfront as far as possible.

Like we said at the start of this blog, get asking now in order to avoid possible future disappointment.

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