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7 Tips to Stage Your Property For Sale

Posted by iSell Properties on December 4, 2015
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Staging your properties to sell will maximise your sale potential!

When a potential purchaser views your house online or comes for a viewing, what they see will decide whether they make you an offer or not. Buying a property is a huge part of a persons life and they are buying into a lifestyle – sell it! Staging your property will really help it to maximise your sale potential.

·      Clutter – why not see preparing your house for photographs and viewings as the ideal time to start packing for your move?! This is a great opportunity to pack away all of your priceless knick-knacks and pictures of your dog. Potential purchasers will be looking for places to put their own possessions.

·      Move furniture – the way you have laid out your furniture may work well for you, but take the time to think about how it might look to a fresh pair of eyes. You may take for granted the shimmy you need to take around the table to get into the living/diner, but a potential viewer might see this as a room that is just too small for their possessions.

·      Room designation – this is really important to get right. You really want the people viewing your property to be able to imagine what they might use every room for. It will take far less imagination to see a dining room if it has a dining table with plates and cutlery on it. If you have a tiny box room upstairs, maybe you could re-invent it as a yoga studio?!

·      Neutral paint – maybe you love your fluorescent pink, but let’s face it – not many other people will do. Invest in a tin of cream paint and cover any bright walls. As well as appealing to a wider market, your viewers will find it easier to imagine how they might decorate.

·      Bring the outside in – nothing freshens up a home more than flowers and foliage. If you’ve got some growing in your garden, then great. If not, a vase of flowers or some sculptural stems will add a nice touch to your home.

·      Kitchen door fronts – in general, a good and thorough clean is enough in the kitchen. If, however, your kitchen is looking really shabby, don’t rush out and buy a designer kitchen! There are companies who will come and fit new doors, drawer fronts and cupboard tops if that is all that is needed. These can look amazing for a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen.

·      Spa bathrooms – not everyone can have a spa in their home, but there is no harm in giving your bathroom a spa feel. A little money spent on plush looking white towel and some spa style soap can lift the feel of a bathroom and help to give your home a luxury feel without any major renovations.

As we have said, staging your property well will help to maximise your sale price. Making the changes listed above should not cost you much and you will see the returns!

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