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5 Signs You’re Ready to Downsize

Posted by Fojul Uddin on March 29, 2019
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If you also spent your childhood there then you may literally have spent a lifetime in the house in which you’re living right now. And, of course, it’s become more of a home to you than a mere ‘house.’

But, if you have been having a sneaking suspicion or two recently that it could be time to finally leave the family homestead for good and move on to something a bit smaller (and easier to manage), then could it be exactly the right time to do a bit of classic downsizing? After all, it’s not just the fact the kids have flown the nest that has caused millions of older couples to consider decanting to smaller quarters, there are a host of other feasible reasons too, some of the most common of these being:

  1. You want more disposable cash

Who wants to pay for heating unused rooms, not to mention the usual cleaning and maintenance issues involved ie painting, window cleaning, carpet cleaning etc? In other words, are there rooms you never use – or perhaps only go into and use a couple of times a week at most (if that)? And what about your attic – do you actually know what’s in there? Or is it just a quick visit every December and January to remove, then put back, the Christmas tree?

  1. You fancy doing a bit more travelling

Downsizing could allow you to release equity in your home which, in turn, you could spend on travelling to all those countries you’ve dreamed about visiting for the past decade or so. Not only that, but if you can pay your next smaller home off completely, then that financial burden you’ve been living under recently will certainly lighten considerably.

  1. You’re sick of staring at clutter all the time

Moving to a smaller home will force you to declutter – because you won’t have any choice in the matter. It may seem harsh at first but when you think about, do you really need to hold on to the half of your wardrobe you never wear any more, or all that old sports equipment of your kids? And now only one bed is being slept in at a time you could get rid of a huge tonne of bedding too.

  1. You want more time in general

Having a smaller home means less time spent tidying up, cleaning and even gardening. Instead, you could have more free time for your hobbies or to take up new ones, such as golfing, going along to cooking classes or heading out for the theatre together as a couple more often.

  1. Your family and friends have all moved away

Maybe you wish you could see your grandchildren more but they live so far away that it’s only possible to visit once or twice a year, instead of being able to pop by at weekends. And the neighbours you used to spend so much time with have all moved on to retirement communities or downsized to apartments closer to their family. You’ve started thinking about this a lot too…

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