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Home Selling Tips: What Successful Home Sellers Advise The First Timers

Posted by iSell Properties on May 15, 2016
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Selling property, just like any other business, needs hard work if you want success in it.

You can’t just sit around and wait for buyers to come in. You have to get moving and compete with other sellers to finally find your home a new rightful owner, unless of course, you’re not in a hurry to sell, then you can take your time and wait for the ideal deal to come. But if you are concerned about the time you spend in finding the best buyer for your home, here are some tips that many successful home sellers have shared:

Pick a great estate agent.

Getting an agent to speed up your selling is already a popular idea. However, the question that remains is that, how can you be sure that you get a good agent? Before you agree to get an agent’s service, make sure that you have done your research. While it is tempting to say yes to a friend’s recommendation, it would still be helpful to check out other agents and see if you can find a more appropriate person. Check online reviews from legit property websites and see if there are agents in your area that specialises in your specific home sale type. Overall, you’d want an agent who has a higher number of sold homes than the others.

Be ready to show your house ALL THE TIME.

Make sure that your home is always prepared for visitors. When a potential buyer asks for a home viewing and you tell him/her that the home isn’t ready, you may end up losing that prospect buyer. Every business requires alertness, enthusiasm, and optimism. This means that once you decide to sell your property, you should never say no to any home viewing. If you’re not living in the property, it would increase the chances of finding the perfect buyer if you share a spare key with your agent. You can still sell your home even if you’re still staying in there, but it would require a little more work, which is why if possible, try to find another place to stay in once you start selling your house. It’s easier to convince people to buy your property when it looks like it can be transferred to at any time. It would also make it easier for you to be house ready all the time. It is ideal for you to be present at every home showing, but there will always be times when you just can’t make it. So, if you find the right agent, you can entrust him/her with spare keys so that the house can be shown to ALL interested buyers, with zero percent declined request.

What to do in slower markets

If you happen to sell in a slower market, strategies may need to be changed a bit, and effort may need to be increased by a notch. There will be times when buyers are rather scarce and it would take you a longer time to sell your property. In such cases, you may need to invest in great home staging, and do some minor renovations to get the customer attraction that you want. Also, as you have your home listed for sale, make sure that you price it appropriately and you stay away from overpricing. At other seasons, you may start at a higher price and negotiate from there, but in a slower market, you may not have this luxury. Time is crucial. If you want to sell sooner, it’s better to put in the most reasonable buying price possible. – iSellProperties


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