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Preparing your house for a viewing

Posted by Fojul Uddin on July 24, 2017
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Selling a house can be a pretty stressful time, but prospective buyers are under pressure too. More often than not a house can be seen on a Saturday and sold by Monday, so buyers need to have confidence that what they’re looking at is their dream home. As a seller, you can help make a fantastic impression with the right preparation for viewings, but where do you start?

Start with the very first impression

Simple outside maintenance is a no-brainer when it comes to perceived property value. Buyers may well come and view your house outside before they step through the threshold – make sure your front garden is neat, lawn mown, weeds gone and perhaps even give the front door and window frontages a quick lick of paint.

Think from a buyer’s perspective and clean up

It sounds simple but arranging your property to look spotless on the inside and outside is vital for making an impressive sale. You can think of it as selling a lifestyle – the kind of clean, stylised, chic and modern lifestyle that awaits your buyer in that property. If you’re thinking “do I really have to clean everywhere, just ask yourself: would you be interested in a place with filthy carpets and coffee-stained counters?


Make sure prospective buyers can see the potential for maximising space in your property. With a clever arrangement of furniture (who doesn’t love perfect feng shui?), rooms can appear bigger and possibilities for that interior space will be zooming through the buyer’s mind. Potential buyers will at least peek in every room, so focus on ordering your rooms:

  • Bathroom: make it clean and spacious by removing toiletry clutter.
  • Living room: let the daylight flood in by pulling the curtains or blinds back, and stow away anything that stops the light bouncing off of walls and revealing the room’s warmth.
  • Bedroom: keep it tidy and make sure the windows are open to let the fresh air in.
  • Kitchen: clean the appliances and surfaces. Maximise the available counter space by tidying away unnecessary gadgets and make sure the floor is clear of pet food bowls. Remove old kitchen odours by airing the space out and perhaps brewing some fresh coffee.
  • If you’re struggling to put your clutter somewhere, consider renting a storage space – or let your friends and family ‘borrow’ some of your things!

It’s time to DIY

Buyers may notice those pesky outstanding maintenance jobs that you’ve been ignoring – but not doing them by the time you have viewers for your property can detract from its value by making it look substandard. It’s best to make an ‘action list’ by order of importance, and make sure all the jobs you need to do are listed – and completed – before anyone approaches your front door!

Talk to those in the know

Preparing to sell your house is a daunting process, but at iSell we take away the stress associated with buying a house with our team of experts who are always willing to help. Our local know-how, marketing knowledge and industry experience means we’re in the prime position to help you make a sale. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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