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Selling Your Home This 2016? Here’s Why Professional Photography Should Be Given Utmost Value

Posted by iSell Properties on June 13, 2016
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Planning to Sell Your Home This 2016?

Check it out here on  “Why Professional Photography Should Be Given Utmost Value”

One of the best effects of technology to real estate sellers is giving them a larger scope of target audience. The internet has allowed home sellers to show their homes to millions of possible buyers worldwide.

Not only can you target people near you, your home can also be visible to people who are looking to buy abroad. This is why online listings for homes exist and why people try their best to take good photos of their properties. Online showings are more convenient for onlookers than actually going to each open house. This is why many home sellers invest time in taking pictures of their property and make sure that they upload only the best images. Your home’s pictures should be able to impress people at first glance. That way, you don’t lose them that early.

It’s okay to take the photos all by yourself using good quality phone cameras, but getting a professional photographer to do the job may as well be your best decision if you want online success in home selling. It’s not just the quality of the photo that we’re talking about here, if that’s the case, any SLR cameras will do, but we’re also talking about many factors that only the professionals can understand. Plus, if you think that photoshoots are as easy as ABC, then you are wrong. Photoshoots are just as tiring as any job. For every home detail you wanna shoot, you may need to repeat the process ten times so you can choose the best shot later on. Imagine doing that to more than ten home details.

Once you decide to get your property professionally shot, here are some more tips to ensure that your photos are taken at their best:

Lighting is your best friend.

good lighting home photo

No amount of photo editing can beat natural light. The key to good lighting is picking the right time of the day and not settling for less.  You can take the best photos if you pick the right timing. Yes, camera flashes are great too, but natural sunlight has the impact that allows the home to look refreshing to the eyes. The best times of the day to take pictures is during noon up to early afternoon.

Clean it all up!

clutter free home photo
Clutter will only make your home look like a mess. If you can, it’s better to simply remove everything from the scene aside from the essentials. For the living room, just leave the sofa and the small tables. Slip in a lamp and a stack of magazines for an impact, but take away the posters if there are any, and the medals or photos that make the place look owned rather than welcoming.

Shoot wide shots and detailed shots.

To give people a good look at your home, it’s better to take both wide shots and detailed shots. For the kitchen, shoot the whole thing showing the stove, oven, counter tops, and cabinets, and also include individual shots of the tiles, countertop texture, and the walls. It’s easier to get people’s attention if you show your home’s physicality at every detail possible. That would assure the potential buyers that your home isn’t only appealing at a wide angle, but also great at a closer look.

Take a video tour.

What better way to tour your prospects than by uploading a video tour, right? Yes, keep your house open for personal showings, but for virtual visibility, do not forget to make a video tour. If you’re a good host, you can use that skill in your videos. Be a jolly and a professional video host and don’t forget to slip in some persuasive lines to convince people to consider your property. Keep the video short but persuasive. People may check your video length and see that it is too long and they can back out from even viewing it. Maintain good video quality, and through video editing or good cinematic direction, you can produce a video that isn’t only worth viewing, but also worth sharing.

Take a panoramic and detailed shot of your home’s exterior.

home's panoramic shot

A good panoramic shot will show how your home’s look as a whole and a portrait view of your home’s front will showcase the outer beauty of the property. You’d want to send people a complete output if you don’t want to be stressed out by a hundred inquiries. Sure, inquiries are a good thing, but if you’re too busy to answer different questions, you may want to make sure that your uploaded media can cater to all possible questions about the home’s features.

If you can, aerial shots are great too!

aerial shot home photo

If you want to go over and beyond, you can get aerial shots of your home too. It’s optional due to its costs but it isn’t exactly a bad thing. Not a lot of sellers can do this, so if you have the access to this shot and if you are willing to spend, it’s one of the best ways to beat competition. Besides, it would also help lessen the inquiries that you have to cater to.


If you’re a gifted photographer yourself, then you may not need to hire a pro. Otherwise, do not hesitate to spend a little money for someone to take good pictures of your home. Not every home seller see the value of online listing and online showing, which gives you higher chances at getting on top of competitions. Good photos online mean higher chances of gaining interested buyers.

Nonetheless, it is also extremely important to be ready to show your home personally once an interested prospect requests for a showing. If you are too busy to do home showings at times, you can ask your estate agent to do the showing for you. A trusted agent will make your job a lot easier in more ways than this. If you have an agent, you can just entrust him/her with a spare key so that you can focus on your own job and errands as your agent do the showing for you.- iSellProperties

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