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Bank of England Warns House Prices Could Fal...

May 31, 2019
It’s not just our potential exit (or not) from the EU that’s uncertain. No, the UK’s property prices are all over t ...
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How You Too Can Run a Successful Estate Agen...

May 24, 2019
Ever fancied running your own estate agency? Many of you out there who are interested in buying and selling propert ...
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5 Property Renovations that will Amaze You

May 10, 2019
If you can’t afford to move – or simply don’t want to – yet you need more space, then the next best thing is to get ...
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How to Sell your Home in 2019

Apr 26, 2019
Is it – or isn’t it? No-one – especially our politicians– seem to know whether or even when Brexit is g ...
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Are Interest Rates on the Rise?

Apr 12, 2019
There has been much discussion about whether or not mortgage interest rates would rise or remain stagnant in the ru ...
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5 Signs You’re Ready to Downsize

Mar 29, 2019
If you also spent your childhood there then you may literally have spent a lifetime in the house in which you’re li ...
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How to Apply for a Mortgage

Mar 15, 2019
If you’ve got to the stage where you’re considering applying for a mortgage then congratulations. That means you’ve ...
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Rent to Rent – Does it Work?

Mar 08, 2019
Rent to Rent is a type of legal subletting in that the landlord willingly allows another individual or company (a m ...
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Pros and Cons of Renting v Buying Property

Feb 22, 2019
A few decades ago it seemed every twenty to thirty something aspired to owning their own pile of bricks and mortar. ...
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How Will Brexit Affect House Prices?

Feb 15, 2019
A topic that’s been discussed ever since Britain voted to leave the European Union almost two years ago and we’re s ...
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Why Rent to Buy?

Feb 01, 2019
The benefits of the Rent to Buy scheme to both landlord/seller and tenant buyer are equally attractive and understa ...
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What you Need to Know About Living in North ...

Jan 18, 2019
Property in North West London covers such sought-after and well-to-do areas as Hampstead, Belsize Park, Primrose Hi ...
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