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Create a beautiful bedroom for a great night’s sleep.

Posted by Fojul Uddin on June 13, 2017
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There’s no room quite like the bedroom: a place to relax, to be with your thoughts, and to rest. It should be a serene and calming space, but how can you ensure that your decor and furniture give it the perfect qualities that will put you at ease of a night time? We’ve got a few tips for you.

Use soft lighting and embrace darkness

Bright lights are no good in a bedroom. Using dimmer switches and less intense bulbs (check the lumen value) help create a ‘soft’ feel to your room. Much like looking at a phone screen at bedtime, bright lights can trick you into staying awake longer than you need to. Delicate lighting for the bedroom is key, as are tasteful blackout blinds or curtains so you can banish harsh streetlighting from  your room too – this is something done by 5-star hotels, so they must be doing something right.

Eradicate the electronics

By virtue of having soft lighting and a welcoming, warm hue to a bedroom, don’t design your room with electronics in mind. Not only can a TV seriously detract from a bedroom’s overall aesthetic, but the callous blue lighting from a TV can damage your sleep patterns and leaves you with cold lighting, cables that need special attention to hide them from plain sight, and gives you an excuse to stay up later than you should. Design your room for comfort and sleep, not for electronic convenience.

Consider the colour

When it comes to the bedroom, relaxation is the key, and your chosen colour palette should reflect this. So don’t go overboard with the hot pinks and deep reds, as these can subtly affect your reaction to a room and your subsequent sleep quality. Go for neutral warmer colours, embrace warm, delicate hues of yellows, whites and blues. Paint your furniture a slightly different (but complementary) colour scheme to the rest of the room to keep it from feeling too stiff and jarring.

Keep furniture uncluttered

The staples of a bedroom – the bed, bedside tables and dressers – should be as clutter free as possible. Again, this can sound like psycho-babble, but having a cluttered room means you don’t have the calm surroundings you should have for a great night’s sleep. A strong headboard paired with small bedside tables will offer a feeling of stability for sleeping and small, slight furniture lets the room ‘breathe’ – and you won’t wake up overburdened with junk.

Are you a morning person?

A major part of your bedroom’s design lies in whether you’re a morning lounger or someone who needs the comfort of the evening. If its the former, you may benefit more from the cool whites and mellow colours that put you at ease in the AM. For evening relaxers, darker colour choices could help the room feel more cosy.

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