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5 Property Renovations that will Amaze You

Posted by Fojul Uddin on May 10, 2019
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If you can’t afford to move – or simply don’t want to – yet you need more space, then the next best thing is to get an extension or a roof conversion. And there are plenty of spectacular projects around, as our examples here show. Enjoy!

Butterfly wing-shaped roof and exposed rafters rear extension

This North London home was given a spectacular lean-to rear extension, designed by local architect Kenny Forrester.

The inverted pitched roof offered a bright alternative and a chance to show off the timber rafters. It also led to a feeling of more room inside the extension (which resulted in an extra seating area and kitchen). Raised steps led up to the kitchen while sliding glass doors at one side of the new sitting room led out into the garden area.

Light was provided in the form of skylights in the room, which provided both light and shadow at the same time. This was boosted by the use of indirect spotlights to highlight key features and provide a form of ambient lighting.

Updating a 16th Century Parisian Cottage

Who doesn’t love a spiral staircase or 16thcentury exposed oak beams? This tiny cottage was made larger with the help of a mezzanine gallery which looked down onto the small sitting room below. Architect Marika Dru made the magic and opened up the rooms to create a far more open, light and airy living environment. The staircase is actually vintage and was found in a Parisian flea market! It is so spectacular that it has become main focal point of the sitting room.

One of the winners of the Royal Institute of British Architects’ national awards, which were announced on Thursday, is a simple, two-floor back extension on a period house in Lewisham, London. Its architects have been careful to protect its heritage, while creating something new.

Award-winning back extension for London period home

This small two storey end of terrace property in Lewisham was given a prize-winning extension by Tsuruta Architects. Judges at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) loved the fact the innovative design with its contrast of light and dark bricks, together with the industrial style windows, was modern and, at the same time, very much in keeping with the original architecture.

Grand Designs: House of The year – Episode 2 (House of Trace)

Rear Extension for original Dovecote Barn

It may be eight years old now, but the rea extension to Dovecot Barn in Devon still has a contemporary feel to it. The fact it is a straight rectangular box means it doesn’t take away from the pretty existing brickwork and design of the original barn. As well as providing an outlet onto a patio area vie sliding glass doors, the extension added a dining room and second sitting room to the property. Designed by Nicolas Tye Architects, this extension is ‘tucked under’ the Barn’s eaves so it doesn’t protrude onto the roof.


Amazing attic conversion for London home

Lucky owners of this split-level flat on Tremadoc Road in London SW4 commissioned to build a loft conversion containing a modern kitchen, and open plan dining area. Windows on two sides of the building let in plenty of natural light, as did the large skylights. Downlighters were also inserted into the roof.

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